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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtheatricsthe‧at‧rics /θiˈætrɪks/ noun [plural] especially American English  behaviour that is very loud and noticeable, and is intended to get people’s attention
Examples from the Corpus
theatricsAudiences like to see a bit of theatrics here and there.The jurors laughed at McKittrick's theatrics, but the judge did not find them so amusing.Maybe all the theatrics are necessary.Paul came in and didn't seem at all surprised by the theatrics when the curtains opened revealing the four of us.Their theatrics made a little splash at the time, after which the Fat Underground broke up.It was worth the risk he'd taken with these theatrics, just to see them afraid.The tired theatrics of Super Bowl week have begun and players on both teams are getting a little testy.
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