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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtheirstheirs /ðeəz $ ðerz/ ●●● S3 pronoun [possessive form of ‘they’]  1 PERSON/PEOPLEused to refer to something that belongs to or is connected with people that have already been mentioned When our washing machine broke, our neighbours let us use theirs. Our house is number 25, and theirs is just opposite. We compared scores and found that theirs were higher than ours.of theirs They shared the prize money with a friend of theirs.2 PERSON/PEOPLEused when talking about someone who may be male or female, to avoid saying ‘his or hers’ Everyone wants what is theirs by right. his(2)
Examples from the Corpus
friend of theirsWell, apparently the boyfriend is a friend of theirs.Anna was talking to an old friend of theirs, Irena Ignatiev.Finally some friends of theirs who had a severely handicapped child told Mike this was illegal: that they had some rights.
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