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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthemthem1 /ðəm; strong ðem/ ●●● S1 W1 pronoun [object form of ‘they’]  1 THINGPERSON/PEOPLEused to refer to two or more people or things that have already been mentioned or are already known about Has anyone seen my keys? I can’t find them anywhere. The police were very helpful when I spoke to them. I lent him several books, but he hasn’t read any of them.2 PERSON/PEOPLEused when talking about someone who may be male or female, to avoid saying ‘him or her’ If anyone phones, tell them I’ll be back later.
Examples from the Corpus
themCareful with those dishes. Don't break them.If anyone calls, tell them I'll be back around 5.They looked a little tired when I saw them last week.
themthem2 /ðem/ determiner spoken  THINGPERSON/PEOPLEused to mean ‘those’. Many people think this use is incorrect I couldn’t understand all them long words.
Examples from the Corpus
themI couldn't understand all them big words.