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theocracythe‧oc‧ra‧cy /θiˈɒkrəsi $ -ˈɑː-/ noun (plural theocracies) [countable]  RRa social system or state controlled by religious leaderstheocratic /ˌθiːəˈkrætɪk◂/ adjective a theocratic state
Examples from the Corpus
theocracyIt represented an extreme example of a theocracy - of a body politic organised essentially around religious principles.Knox tried to create as wide a base as possible for his theocracy.The encroachment of the Eastern political economy into Utah in essence relegated the Mormon theocracy to the status of an internal colony.It is a crusade to recapture Jerusalem, nothing short of a call for a new theocracy.As part of your writing about the Mayas, include a discussion of theocracy.
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