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theoreticaltheo‧ret‧i‧cal /θɪəˈretɪkəl $ ˌθiːə-/ ●●○ W3 AWL (also theoretic /θɪəˈretɪk $ ˌθiːə-/) adjective  1 Hrelating to the study of ideas, especially scientific ideas, rather than to practical uses of the ideas or practical experiencetheory, practical, applied theoretical physics Aristotle’s theoretical model of the universe She has theoretical knowledge of teaching, but no practical experience.2 IDEAa theoretical situation or condition could exist but does not really exist syn hypothetical Equality between men and women in our society is still only theoretical. a theoretical risk of an explosion
Examples from the Corpus
theoreticalThere is a theoretical chance of infection, but it is not very likely.The general theoretical discussion on concepts and definitions is therefore - perhaps surprisingly - put at the end.Governments, like theoretical economists, tend to be mainly concerned with the short run.There are a number of theoretical explanations for the term structure of interest rates.Sometimes a theoretical framework prescribes that particular factors are considered causally prior to others.Is the measurement true to the theoretical meaning embodied in the variable as a concept?theoretical researchThis meant that students had the theoretical right to go to any school they wished.Heat flow modelling was based on the matching of calculated tectonic subsidence profiles with theoretical stretching curves.
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