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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtherethere1 /ðeə, ðə $ ðer, ðər/ ●●● S1 W1 pronoun   there is/exists/remains etcGrammarYou use there are before a plural noun: There are a lot of problems. Don’t say: There is a lot of problems. You will sometimes hear native speakers say this is in informal conversation, but it is grammatically incorrect. Instead of saying there is, you often say there’s: There’s one small problem. There cannot be omitted. Don’t say: Is one small problem.USAGE: SpellingDon’t confuse there and their. You write: They love their jobs. Don’t write: They love there jobs.therethere2 /ðeə $ ðer/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 THEREin or to a particular place that is not where you arehere We could go back to my cottage and have lunch there. Scotland? I’ve always wanted to go there. Hold it right there and don’t move. Can you pass me that wine glass there? Look, there’s that bookshop I was telling you about. Who’s that man over there? It’s too far to drive there and back in one day. Are we going to get there (=arrive) before the banks close?out/in/under etc there I know there’s a mouse under there somewhere. We flew to Miami and from there to La Paz.Don’t say ‘to there’: We went there (NOT went to there) by car.2 EXISTif something is there, it exists The chance was there, but I didn’t take it. The countryside is there for everyone to enjoy. Three months after the operation, the pain was still there.3 at or to a particular point in time, in a process, or in a story Let’s stop there and I’ll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow. She got a divorce, but her troubles didn’t end there. There’s still a lot of work to do, but we’re getting there (=coming to the end of the process) slowly.4 there and thenSPOKEN PHRASES5 XXused to refer to something that someone has said when you are answering them That’s true. I agree with you there. ‘Why did the system fail?’ ‘Well, there you’ve got me – I really don’t know.’6 ATTENTIONused when greeting someone or calling to them Hi there, you must be Laura. Hey, you there! Watch out!7 there it is/there they are etc8 used when you want to speak to someone on the telephone and someone else answers Hello, Georgie, is your mother there?9 be there (for somebody)10 there I was/there they were etc11 be not all there12 there’s a good boy/clever dog etc13 there it is/there you are/there you go14 there you go/she goes etc (again)15 there you are/there you go16 there’s something for you17 there goes something/somebody
Examples from the Corpus
there"Of course the military bases will have to be closed." "I'm not sure I agree with you there."What made you decide to move there?You don't have to eat all the candy just because it's there.He simply told jurors he did not know how any of it got there.I don't want to go back there.If customer complaints don't come your way, go down to the Customer Relations Department and chat to the people there.In atonal music, the harmonic relationships may be very complex indeed, yet they are undoubtedly there.Take away the berth, and the drive would still be there.Australia? No, I've never been there.Jackie's arriving at the station at 3.15 and I said I'd meet her there.He never really felt okay about being back there, but he felt we were doing something meaningful.Clarisa was there, crouched on the concrete, focused and still.I love Italy - I worked there for a year.Where's my umbrella? I'm sure I left it right there, next to my bag.How did you get up there on the roof?Are you just going to sit there or are you going to help?Don't stop there! Tell me the rest!When I came home Sean was just sitting there waiting for me.We drove down to Baltimore, and on the way there we stopped for lunch.We flew in to Munich and from there we took the train to Prague.out/in/under etc thereHe said them and got it out there.I dare say you can get far better versions out there!Without wishing to scare you unduly, you should be aware that sharks do lurk out there.If only I could have gone out there and helped to put matters right.During the war-he was doing something for the army, and you lived out there for a couple of years.It is far better to be out there making some mistakes.I swell in there, soaking.They seen him with that truck and thought he come out there to steal their furniture.getting thereA person needs to have a step-by-step plan for getting there.And so Teamsters like Phil keep driving and never getting there.He is determined to do good, but quite willing to do bad on his way to getting there.Not quite right, not quite plain enough or narrow enough, but getting there.The benefits of gaining insight, though, far outweigh the discomfort in getting there.What matters is how angry and inflexible you are about getting there.But the difficulty of getting there by public transport is a real problem.It's getting there without trampling on too many people.
therethere3 /ðeə $ ðer/ ●●○ interjection  1 SATISFIED spoken used to express satisfaction that you have been proved right or that you have done what you intended to do There! I’ve done it! I’ve resigned. There, what did I tell you? I knew it wouldn’t work.2 there, there!3 so there!
Examples from the Corpus
thereThere! I figured it out