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there’s no doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthere’s no doing somethingthere’s no doing somethingspokenNOT POSSIBLE used to emphasize that it is not possible to do something There’s no knowing what this lunatic will do next. There is no denying the suffering of these families (=they are definitely suffering). no
Examples from the Corpus
there’s no doing somethingAnd there's no mystery to bands any more.But police experts say there's no evidence to support that.But there's no way to get money for real investment.He says that the budget is a disaster, there's no way that the county can now avoid charge capping.I - I've decided that since you've got everything under control there's no point in my staying here any longer.I usually read to them a bit, but there's no need for you to.Make sure there's no plan to change the exam format this year.With amateurs there's no point in paying, they're likely to kill the victim off anyway, out of fear.
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