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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthereafterthere‧af‧ter /ðeərˈɑːftə $ ðerˈæftər/ ●○○ adverb formal  AFTERafter a particular event or time syn afterwards 10,000 men had volunteered by the end of September; thereafter, approximately 1,000 men enlisted each month. Sophie was born in France, but shortly thereafter her family moved to the United States.
Examples from the Corpus
thereafterI encourage women to have induction at 43 weeks' gestation because of the slightly increased risk to the baby thereafter.Voluntary group participation may have existed in the era of Tokugawa isolation, but how was collectivism maintained thereafter?Revenge came shortly thereafter, but not upon Marro.Intermittent periods of activity were seen thereafter but the timing, amplitude, and duration of this activity was unpredictable.And for forty-nine years thereafter the Buddha taught in this world.The grass is then sown and it is periodically burnt thereafter to improve palatability.shortly thereafterHe ended the relationship in the summer of 1990 and the young man left the area shortly thereafter.The first telephone call followed shortly thereafter.The men at our table left shortly thereafter.Police shortly thereafter arrested three men in the Hernandez case.If not revived shortly thereafter by a gradual warming of the water, most of the fishes will die.At one point in his career he became interested in toxoplasmosis and shortly thereafter developed a diagnostic dye test for the disease.Halfon was born in Marseilles, but shortly thereafter his family moved to an island off Tunisia.After Jeffery's death in November 1771, Ainslie returned home and shortly thereafter made a map of Jedburgh and its environs.The well was dry and shortly thereafter the Marathon licences in Northern Ireland were relinquished.
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