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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthereforethere‧fore /ˈðeəfɔː $ ˈðerfɔːr/ ●●● S3 W1 adverb formal  RESULTas a result of something that has just been mentioned Their car was bigger and therefore more comfortable. Progress so far has been very good. We are, therefore, confident that the work will be completed on time.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually use so rather than therefore:It was late, so I didn’t stay long.THESAURUStherefore for this reasonShe already had a lot of experience and therefore seemed the best candidate for the job.so therefore. So is less formal than therefore, and is more common in everyday EnglishThey had not eaten all day, so they were very hungry.thus formal as a result of what you have just mentionedThe program is very simple and thus easy to run.hence formal for this reasonThis material is highly poisonous, hence the importance of careful handling.as a result used when saying that because of a particular situation, something else happens or is trueSome people suffer from stress at work and become ill as a result.Economic growth slowed down as a result of inflation.consequently/as a consequence used when saying that because of a particular situation, something else happens or is true. Consequently and as a consequence are more formal than as a resultThe disease attacks the plant, the flower does not open, and consequently no seeds are produced.As a consequence of global warming, our climate is already starting to change.this means that used when saying what the result of something isIf students arrive late, this means that lesson time is wasted.for this reason used when explaining the reason for somethingSpell check programs do not recognize when you have used the wrong word. For this reason, you must still read over your work carefully.
Examples from the Corpus
thereforeThe building work is taking quite a long time, and therefore costing us money.The exclusion is therefore highly technical.It was clear Lucy was unhappy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise she has decided to resign.You may therefore read the criteria and see if your answer matches them.We therefore recommend the abolition of this rule.Heads should therefore still be taking a key leadership role.You might think, therefore, that feminists could dismiss it with relief as a non-issue.Do check therefore that you use fabric that will not shrink.Jewish weddings are both religious and civil. Therefore two official applications for marriage are necessary.
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