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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthereinthere‧in /ðeərˈɪn $ ðer-/ adverb formal  1 THEREin that place, or in that piece of writing See Thompson, 1983, and the references cited therein.2 therein lies something herein
Examples from the Corpus
thereinKramer was interviewed for the book and is quoted therein.I remember not being able to stand outside a phone kiosk any longer and dragging out a man who was obviously gossiping therein.And therein, I think, lies the true fascination of the 100 metres.The wealth of letters and contents therein is something for which I am ever grateful.She is not afraid of the outside world, but recognizes its beauty, and therein lies a danger.It may be argued that therein lies evolutionary justification for the belief that some modified form of such living can suit humans.And therein lies the fatal flaw.
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