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these/British/our etc shores

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthese/British/our etc shoresthese/British/our etc shoreswrittenCOUNTRY/NATION a country that has a border on the sea Millions of immigrants flocked to these shores in the 19th century. growing fears that English football players will be lured away to foreign shores shore
Examples from the Corpus
these/British/our etc shoresThe battle was lost, though, when many in high places yielded to pressures from beyond these shores.Meanwhile, beyond our shores, the world's industrial practices and capacities advanced.The reason the world and his wife head for these shores is they know that their chances of deportation are virtually non-existent.More than six centuries ago they had left these shores for Hamgyong Province in the North in search of a better life.In fact, nobody had made paved roads in Britain since the Romans left our shores.What would happen to us if 10,000 of them showed up on our shores?Even after the Renaissance and the rebirth of learning had reached these shores ears were still having a rough ride.His job was to show the captains of industry who came to these shores how to relax.
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