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these things happen

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthese things happenthese things happenused to tell someone not to worry about a mistake they have made, an accident they have caused etc It’s not your fault – these things happen. happen
Examples from the Corpus
these things happenIt was a tough loss, but these things happen.In the event none of these things happened.Once in a while these things happen and then you can communicate better.But these things happen at Catalina.When these things happen, death flashes before our eyes.Possibly you see a great number of these things happening in your school, or perhaps you see very few.But if neither of these things happen, Labour will be forced to decide whether it is prepared to raise taxes.Every now and again you're going to get exceptional circumstances and these things happen once in a while.In the way these things happen, the oppressed are sometimes revealed to have a hold on the oppressors.
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