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they say/think etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthey say/think etcthey say/think etcBELIEVEused to state what people in general say or think They say it’s bad luck to spill salt. they
Examples from the Corpus
they say/think etcBut the president essentially endorsed Rumsfeld's approach, they said.These others stand on something they said.Light a match, they say, and flames flicker over it like brandy on a Christmas pudding.Black children from middle-class or affluent families, they say, are more apt to adopt what is commonly called black slang.She asked them why; they said it was because they had information that the two children had been sexually abused.Employers' groups welcomed the reforms, though they said more are necessary to encourage employers to take on permanent staff.I thanked them for praying for me and seeing me now, hoped they thought their efforts worthwhile.Goodness only knows what makes them tick, or why they thought they could get away with it here.
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