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thick and fast

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthick and fastthick and fastOFTENLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTarriving or happening very frequently, in large amounts or numbers Entries have been coming in thick and fast. thick
Examples from the Corpus
thick and fastAt first no one was interested in the job but now applications are coming in thick and fast.Callers, suitably and sombrely attired, came thick and fast.The export market has not taken up the slack, so redundancies are coming thick and fast.The form for Swindon can only get better; the games are coming thick and fast.The invitations came thick and fast.The rumours are growing thick and fast as weeds and de Craon must be their sower.Official recognition of the change came thick and fast during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.Finally, may reactions to the paper come thick and fast from all quarters!They are falling thick and fast, some of them upon our dead, and some upon their own..Rumours flew thick and fast that the company was going to be sold.Rumors flew thick and fast that the government would close the newspaper.
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