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thicketthick‧et /ˈθɪkɪt/ noun [countable]  DNa group of bushes and small trees syn copsesee thesaurus at forest
Examples from the Corpus
thicketHe was working in a thicket of briar, elder and dead wood from a fallen tree.Heavy-eyed, Mungo had fallen asleep and into a thicket of dreams.As I drew close they both bolted, crashing loudly through the alder thicket.Hissing shells searched the dark thickets through, and shrapnel swept the road along which we moved.Even after they have dropped, they are valuable, lying in a blood-red pool under the dense thicket of branches.Malcolm Forbes spent a couple of decades in the thickets of New Jersey politics and nearly became governor in the 1950s.The thicket quivered, then moved.
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