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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthicklythick‧ly /ˈθɪkli/ adverb  1 in a way that makes a thick piece or layer of something opp thinly The cheese was sliced thickly. a thickly carpeted hallway2 thickly populated/wooded etc
Examples from the Corpus
thicklyHe was a stout man with a bald crown round which a ruff of brown hair grew thickly.He was in a blue uniform coat that was thickly encrusted with gold loops and edged with black astrakhan fur.Peel off the skins and thickly slice the potatoes.It has a thickly soft, two-beat thud, like the sound of a heavy door being repeatedly opened and shut.A slattern brought his own meal, a thickly spiced bowl of soup.The snow was driving down so thickly that the windscreen-wiper couldn't keep the glass free of it.
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