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thickly populated/wooded etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthickly populated/wooded etcthickly populated/wooded etcif an area is thickly populated, wooded etc, there are a lot of people, trees etc there close together syn densely The eastern part of the country is more thickly populated. thickly
Examples from the Corpus
thickly populated/wooded etcOf all the nearby hills, its pinnacle was closest to their mountain, and it was the most thickly wooded.The land over the hill was thickly wooded.We drove on through the village and turned into a clearing surrounded by a thickly wooded area.The spacious stone house had originally been one of three sharing the same hilly and thickly wooded parcel of land.Its thickly wooded shores, pastoral rivers and mercurial weather draw naturalists and artists.When the air became more thickly populated, such extravagant forms disappeared.Take the footpath beside the Esk, here thickly wooded with birch and ash, for a hundred yards or so upstream.Most of northern Calabria is mountainous and thickly wooded with pine, silver fir and maple.
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