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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthingsthings[plural] especially British EnglishCLOTHES clothes and possessions syn stuff American Englishsomebody’s things Jim began to unpack his things. I want to sell some of my things, but they aren’t worth much. thingthingsthings[plural] especially British EnglishEQUIPMENT the tools, equipment, clothes etc that you need for a particular job, sport etc syn stuff American Englishsomebody’s writing/school/Christmas etc things I left my swimming things at home. the shed where he kept his gardening things thingthingsthings[plural]SITUATION life in general and the way it is affecting people By the end of 1942, things were starting to change. Things could be worse. As things turned out, we didn’t have much time. How are things with you, Sarah?make things easy/difficult/hard She would get angry quickly, which made things difficult for me. We can’t change the way things are. thing
Examples from the Corpus
the way things areThe way things are at work, I'm surprised more people haven't quit.The way things are, we hardly ever manage to go out together except at the weekend.This seems to be the way things are heading.It allows us to change the way things are.To judge from the way things are going, there will be difficulties in respect of the size of the industry.This is the way things are created!During the second half of my life, the way things are: 1.What about learning how to change things for the better rather than merely learning to adapt to the way things are now?Unlike the way things are going at the moment, you refused to be silent.The president is content with the way things are.
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