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think again

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthink againthink againTHINK ABOUTto think carefully about a plan, decision, idea etc, especially with the result that you change your mind or do something differently If you think car crime can’t happen to you, think again.think again about Universities may be forced to think again about the courses they provide. think
Examples from the Corpus
think aboutSome practices were therefore thinking again about employing additional professionals out of budget surpluses.I began to think again about escape.Now that the excitements of the last fortnight were over, he would have to think again about getting some work.Police say the prison authorities should think again about home visits.Yesterday members of Darlington council's transport committee asked officers to think again about solving the problems of speed monitoring.Lois thought again about the poetry course over at the university she had hoped to enjoy in her latter years.I walk through the photography exhibit at the Kyoto Museum thinking again about what a photograph really means.
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