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think for yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthink for yourselfthink for yourselfINDEPENDENT PERSONto have ideas and thoughts of your own rather than believing what other people say Parents have to teach their children to think for themselves. think
Examples from the Corpus
think for yourselfTanya insists on moving in many circles and, above all, on thinking for herself.This problem is not discussed in the text; the purpose of this question is to force students to think for themselves.I try to encourage my students to think for themselves.Parents should encourage their children to think for themselves.The purpose of this question is to force students to think for themselves.And you learn about the real necessity of acting and thinking for yourself.Authority can be mistaken and it can cover up ignorance with prestige and prevent people from thinking for themselves.Characters have stopped thinking for themselves..He did not seem able to deal with anyone who wished to work from understanding, or able to think for himself.My aims include encouraging pupils to think for themselves and to choose their own methods of working.You have to think for yourself, David told him.'You're going to have to start thinking for yourself, ' said David sternly.
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