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think positive/positively

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthink positive/positivelythink positive/positivelyto believe that you are going to be successful or that good things are going to happen You have to think positive if you’re going to be successful in this game. think
Examples from the Corpus
think positive/positivelyEva was jubilant, thinking, see how you limited yourself when you did not think positively.Forget about your feelings, think positively.However, rather than feeling gloomy about your lack of horseflesh try thinking positively about your situation.Learning to think positively and to look towards healthy outcomes can help considerably in any diet programme.One should always think positive, as the good doctor said.Failure to think positively means that negative thoughts have come into his mind.Take a deep breath and think positive thoughts.When things were going so bad for us in December, the one guy who made people think positive was Barry.
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