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think twice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthink twicethink twiceCAREFULto think very carefully before deciding to do something, because you know about the dangers or problems A visible alarm makes burglars think twice.think twice about A previous divorce can make you think twice about getting married again.think twice before doing something/before you do something I’d think twice before taking out such a large loan. think
Examples from the Corpus
think twice before doing something/before you do somethingAnd if that is the case, they might think twice before giving you their money.But it will sure as hell make him think twice before risking it.He will not think twice before signing it.If the élites could be persuaded that war might trigger revolution, then they would think twice before unleashing it.Maybe if more people did this they would think twice before harming it.These foods are potentially dangerous, yet nobody thinks twice before handing them out to their loved ones.
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