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third class

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third classˌthird ˈclass noun [uncountable]  1 TCMa cheap class of mail in the US, usually used for sending advertisements2 SECthe lowest type of degree that is given by a British university3 TTTTTW old-fashioned the cheapest and least comfortable part of a train or shipthird-class adjective, adverb We travelled third-class. first class, second class
Examples from the Corpus
third classHe received a third class in literae humaniores in 1903.He received a third class in natural science in 1874.Two old-fashioned third class carriages with close wooden seats were pulled by an engine that puffed bulbs of black smoke.The total accommodation on these trains was therefore limited to eighty-two first and one hundred and fifty third class passengers.Gandhi could have returned to the train and occupied a place in third class.That other sailor was later identified as Jonathan Rushin, a 23-year-old petty officer third class.He found the ward as full of interesting types as in the third class waiting room at the station.Each train has five first, three second and two third class coaches with accommodation for 650 passengers.
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