Language: Old English
Origin: thritig, from thrie 'three'


Related topics: Numbers, Chronology
1HMN the number 30

the thirties

[plural] also the '30s, the 1930sTMC the years from 1930 to 1939:
In the thirties, air travel really began to take off.
the early/mid/late thirties
The family sold the house in the early thirties.

be in your thirties

to be aged between 30 and 39
early/mid/late thirties
She must be in her early thirties by now.

in the thirties

if the temperature is in the thirties, it is between 30 degrees and 39 degrees
in the low/mid/high thirties
a hot day, with temperatures in the low thirties
thirtieth adjective, pronoun:
her thirtieth birthday
I'm planning to leave on the thirtieth (=the 30th day of the month).

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