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this house

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthis housethis houseformalVOTE/ELECT used to mean the people who are voting in a formal debate when you are stating the proposal that is being discussed doll's house, → eat somebody out of house and home at eat(10), → open house, public house, → (as) safe as houses at safe1(1) house
Examples from the Corpus
this houseEven places, especially this house whose air is thick with the past.If this house were a score it would sing of all that is best in modern music.He was born in this house, third room on the end, 75 years ago this July.Leave this house on the instant!Most of this house was here when my father came in 1911.The gallery on this house on Church Hill was probably part of larger farm buildings facing the meadows.You see, this house is mine now.Mostly, I am to tend to this house.
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