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this/that leads (me) to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthis/that leads (me) to somethingthis/that leads (me) to somethingused to introduce a new subject that is connected to the previous one That leads me to my final point. Where are we going to get the money? lead
Examples from the Corpus
this/that leads (me) to somethingIt was a straight road, the kind of road that leads to a temple or a sacred monument.Those same lessons apply to changing our attitude from one that leads to failure to one that leads to success.Then the operatives are more likely to make mistakes when set-ups are constantly changing, and that leads to increased wastage.But the priority is to get off a path that leads to more and more isolation.It is this that leads to the dependency culture predominant among deaf people in integrated education.This is the scene that leads to the Giza plateau.So that leads me to think that these sorts of events are not particularly uncommon.Anything less than that leads to what the theistic traditions frequently refer to as idolatry.
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