Language: Old English
Origin: thes, this


1 determiner, pronoun
this1 S1 W1 plural these
1XX used to refer to a person, thing, idea etc that has just been mentioned or to something that has just happened:
We must make sure this doesn't happen again.
Is there any way of solving these problems?
If young Daly continues to improve at this rate, he'll soon be in the A Team.
This will be discussed in the next chapter.
This boyfriend of yours - how old is he?
2 used to talk about the present time or a time that is close to the present:
There will be another meeting later this week.
This has been the worst year of my life.
I thought he would have been back before this.
We'll be seeing Malcolm this Friday (=on Friday of the present week).
I'm sorry I was late this morning (=today in the morning).
Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days (=at the present period).
I want to see you in my office this minute (=immediately).
3 used to talk about the present situation:
I hate this cold damp weather.
Things have never been as bad as this before.
4 spoken used to talk about a thing or person that is near you, the thing you are holding, or the place where you are:
These are your gloves, aren't they?
You have to park on this side of the road.
I can't bear the atmosphere in this house much longer.
5 spoken used to refer to something that you are going to say or that is just about to happen:
Now, listen to this.
Wait till you hear this joke.
This is going to surprise you.
6 spokenXX used in stories, jokes etc when you mention a person or thing for the first time:
I met this really weird guy last night.
Suddenly, there was this tremendous bang.
7 spoken
a) used to introduce someone to someone else:
Sam, this is my sister, Liz.
b) TCT used to give your name when you are speaking on the telephone:
'Can I speak to Joan, please?' 'This is Joan speaking.'
8 spoken

this, that and the other

also this and that various different things, subjects etc:
'What have you two been gossiping about all evening?' 'Oh this, that, and the other.'
9 spoken

what's (all) this?

used to ask what is happening, what people are saying, what someone's problem is etc:
What's this? Crying again?
What's all this about a ghost?
10 spoken

this is it

used to say that something you expected to happen is actually going to happen:
This is it, boys, the moment we've been waiting for.

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