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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthoroughthor‧ough /ˈθʌrə $ ˈθʌroʊ, ˈθʌrə/ ●●○ adjective  1 COMPLETEincluding every possible detailthoroughly The doctor gave him a thorough check-up. a thorough and detailed biography The police investigation was very thorough. thorough notes of the meeting2 CAREFUL[not usually before noun] careful to do things properly so that you avoid mistakes The screening of applicants must be thorough.see thesaurus at careful3 a thorough pest/nuisance/messthoroughness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
thoroughHis assessment of the situation was quite thorough.Our mechanics will check everything - they're very thorough.The report was thorough and detailed.The Braves' 12-1 victory in Game 1 Sunday night was a rude, thorough dismantling.A thorough examination seems long overdue.Thus Hans Sloane began the thorough grounding on which he was to build his successful career.a thorough investigationThe aim should be to carry out a prompt and thorough investigation.Congress is demanding a thorough investigation.Environmental impact research and consultation with Aborigines and pastoralists have been thorough, it says.Building inspectors should have a thorough knowledge of construction materials.Have you had a thorough medical check-up within the last year?Other groups of plants require a thorough revision before we can be sure of the proper name for the species.The police have made a thorough search of the area.Julius quickly sorted through them, tossing them carelessly on to the floor as he continued his fast but thorough search.The Braves were more methodical but just as thorough, the baseball version of water torture.Researchers have to be very thorough to make sure lab results are accurate.The position requires a thorough understanding of web page design software.
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