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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthought-provokingˈthought-proˌvoking adjective  making people think seriously about a particular subject syn stimulating a thought-provoking article
Examples from the Corpus
thought-provokingIt is readable, informative and thought-provoking.They had some thought-provoking individuals walking in unannounced at 544 Camp.The film had a thought-provoking message.Just look at some of the thought-provoking policies I have introduced this season.I can only suppose the fans ignore you because they are too engrossed in my thought-provoking programme notes.It was an intelligent, thought-provoking script, but in Whitaker's eyes it just did not work.Traditional bridal wear combines with theatrical costume and effects to create an entertaining and thought-provoking visual statement.Indeed all sections of the exhibition struck me as exciting and thought-provoking with the exception of the ceramics section which is mediocre.
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