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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthoughtfulthought‧ful /ˈθɔːtfəl $ ˈθɒːt-/ ●○○ adjective  1 KINDalways thinking of the things you can do to make people happy or comfortable opp thoughtless Paul is very thoughtful.it is thoughtful of somebody to do something It was really thoughtful of you to remember my birthday.see thesaurus at kind2 THINK ABOUTserious and quiet because you are thinking a lot a thoughtful look a thoughtful silence3 well planned and carefully thought about a thoughtful analysisthoughtfully adverbthoughtfulness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
thoughtfulthoughtful analysisSuddenly he became more thoughtful, and his eyes filmed over with sadness.Let us be kind and thoughtful and not to be unkind and hurt other people.He stood silent and thoughtful, by himself.My mother sat and watched me eating my food with a thoughtful expression on her face -- I could tell she had something to say.a thoughtful expressionIt is still a thoughtful, finely acted and daringly all-encompassing film, suggesting that no-one has a fixed nature.Paula's such a thoughtful girl.Woody Allen is a sober, thoughtful, intelligent guy.Some things encourage a more thoughtful, inventive kind of play than others.They encourage corporate and individual responsibility by rewarding thoughtful management of food supply and demand.She seemed a thoughtful person, some one of like nature to Mary Smith, but with much more up top.From the sunlit atrium with its glass elevator to the tasteful rooms and thoughtful service, this hotel shines with refined comfort.thoughtful silenceShe turned and greeted her friend, then continued sitting in thoughtful silence.But he accepted the proffered wine and took a long draught, letting a thoughtful silence fall.
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