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thousandthou‧sand /ˈθaʊzənd/ ●●● W3 number (plural thousand or thousands)  1 HMNthe number 1,000 a journey of almost a thousand milestwo/three/four etc thousand five thousand dollars The company employs thirty thousand people.2 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTan extremely large number of things or peoplea thousand I’ve been this route a thousand times before.thousands of There are thousands of things I want to do.thousandth adjective the thousandth anniversary of the founding of the citythousandth noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
thousandThe second night the marchers showed up, the neighborhood mob grew to almost a thousand.It sold ten thousand copies and was followed by my Hindu View of Art.How do I decide rationally when I hear a thousand different voices screaming contradictory advice?It would cost the branch a few thousand dollars to rectify.The scientists had drilled nearly 600 feet into the ocean bottom in over ten thousand feet of water.Because everyone was in such a good mood, he must have collected several thousand francs.It was the next night after about one hundred and thirty thousand people in Dresden would die.The grand enslavement began in the Middle East, with rye, thirteen thousand years ago.two/three/four etc thousandOf this sum, two thousand dollars was for reproduction rights.Because I like things in pairs, I told him I would quit for two months, for two thousand dollars.Sufficient space is available for lexicographers to create an extra four thousand entry-versions per table before the available space is exhausted.And every man out there, three thousand I say, goes down on his knees!It looks down imperiously towards Staveley, where the vast ironworks used to employ upwards of four thousand men.Read in studio A military operation involving four thousand servicemen has ended with a dramatic finale over Salisbury Plain.Almost three thousand years ago, the psalmist David confessed his own depression: How long, O Lord?After two thousand years, the problem is more acute now than it was in the time of Rome.