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thread your way through/into etc something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthread your way through/into etc somethingthread your way through/into etc somethingGOto move through a place by carefully going around things that are blocking your way She came towards me, threading her way through the crowd. thread
Examples from the Corpus
thread your way through/into etc somethingEven as I write this, the shared facts of our lives continue to thread their way through our flesh.He threads his way through narrow alleys where the sun never penetrates.I watched her thread her way through the crowd, toward the elevator.Judges have a hard time trying to thread their way through the labyrinthine case law.Rather, the guitar and drum set seem like obbligato instruments, threading their way through the varied and highly imaginative texture.The door was held open for him, and he threaded his way through all the backstage equipment.This time she threaded her way through the high peaks of the Rockies without incident.We thread our way through the cemetery, misquoting or humming quietly and almost comforted.
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