threat‧en S2 W2
1 [transitive] to say that you will cause someone harm or trouble if they do not do what you want:
Postal workers are threatening a strike if they don't receive a pay increase.
threaten to do something
He threatened to take them to court.
threaten somebody with something
Doctors are sometimes threatened with violence if they don't do what patients want.
threaten (that)
Then he became angry and threatened that he would go to the police.
2 [transitive] to be likely to harm or destroy something:
Poaching threatens the survival of the rhino.
threaten to do something
The incident threatens to ruin his chances in the election.
be threatened with something
Large areas of the jungle are now threatened with destruction.
3 [intransitive and transitive] to be likely to happen or be in a bad situation:
Britain's fishing industry remains threatened.
Dark clouds threatened rain.

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