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Three Musketeers

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishThree MusketeersˌThree Musketˈeers trademark  (in the US) a type of candy bar (=bar-shaped sweet) that has chocolate on the outside and insideThree Musketeers, TheThe Three MusketeersThree Musketeers, The  (1844) a novel by Alexandre dumas, set in France in the 17th century, about three men called Porthos, Athos, and Aramis, who are members of a group of soldiers guarding Louis XIII, the king of France. They are very skilled at fighting with swords, and they have many exciting adventures with their friend d'artagnan, who comes to Paris from the country and joins the Musketeers when he shows them what a good fighter he is. They are remembered for saying ‘All for one, and one for all!’, meaning that they will always support and protect one another. Many films and television programmes have been based on the story.
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