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thresholdthresh‧old /ˈθreʃhəʊld, -ʃəʊld $ -oʊld/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 DHHthe entrance to a room or building, or the area of floor or ground at the entrance She opened the door and stepped across the threshold.2 LIMITthe level at which something starts to happen or have an effect Eighty percent of the vote was the threshold for approval of the plan.a high/low pain/boredom etc threshold (=the ability or inability to suffer a lot of pain or boredom before you react to it)3 BEGINNINGat the beginning of a new and important event or development syn brinkbe on the threshold of something The creature is on the threshold of extinction.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the level at which something starts to happen or have an effectADJECTIVES/NOUN + thresholdsomebody’s pain threshold (=your ability or inability to deal with pain)‘Will it hurt?’ ‘That all depends on your pain threshold.’somebody’s boredom threshold (=whether you do or do not get bored easily)She loves challenges and admits she has a low boredom threshold.a tax thresholdThe Conservatives promised to help the lower paid by increasing the tax threshold.a high thresholdProfessional football players have a pretty high pain threshold.a low thresholdI know that young children have very low boredom threshold.verbsexceed a thresholdThe value of many family homes far exceeds the inheritance tax threshold.lower a thresholdthe demand to lower the retirement threshold to 60raise a thresholdThey should raise the threshold to at least £245 a week.cross the thresholdSuch a person has sufficiently crossed the threshold of criminality to justify punishment.
Examples from the Corpus
thresholdUnder the proposal, those whose earnings were less than a $36,000 threshold would not have to pay taxes.It is true that many of these creatures are aware of ordinary physical sensations beyond our human thresholds.If the temperature falls below a particular threshold, a warning light comes on.The group expects to reach that threshold after circulating petitions at Earth Day events this weekend.I felt myself at the threshold of another breakthrough, another change.He thought he was on the threshold of some awful enlightenment, an initiation of unimaginable pain.As Stillman reached the threshold of the station, he put his bag down once again and paused.If a council crossed an upper threshold implied by them it ran the risk of being capped.It's your threshold to the world of e-commerce.be on the threshold of somethingHe thought he was on the threshold of some awful enlightenment, an initiation of unimaginable pain.Here, we at least were on the threshold of a new life, with all its endless possibilities.In 1932, the paper was on the threshold of its highest glory.Thus by the 1770s they were on the threshold of a national discipline-orientated community.
From Longman Business Dictionarythresholdthresh‧old /ˈθreʃhəʊld, -ʃəʊld-oʊld/ noun [countable] the level at which something belongs in a particular class or is affected by a particular ruleMany large mortgages were taken out, on the assumption that interest rates would remain below the ten percent threshold.threshold forThe vehicles will have 70% U.S. content, which is the legal threshold for being an American car. tax threshold
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