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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthriftythrift‧y /ˈθrɪfti/ adjective  SPEND MONEYusing money carefully and wisely syn economical hard-working, thrifty peoplethriftily adverbthriftiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
thriftyCutting taxes on savings may persuade Americans to be more thrifty.An enterprise economy rewards the industrious and thrifty.She was awkward, and naive, and thrifty, and ill-read, and genteel.By being thrifty and shopping wisely you can feed an entire family on as little as $100 a week.There are many good books on the subject of being thrifty and stretching your resources.He was a hardworking, frugal and thrifty man who was saving to buy a small cottage from his employer.Don Perata, D-Oakland, became the most recent, proposing legislation to reward thrifty power users this summer.Plenty of people, particularly the thrifty sort, may mourn the plants' early passing.Critics fear that adhoc boards, neither accountable nor thrifty, will proliferate.Mrs Jones was a very thrifty woman who never wasted anything.
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