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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrilledthrilled /θrɪld/ ●●○ adjective [not before noun]  EXCITEDvery excited, happy, and pleasedbe thrilled to see/hear/learn etc something We were so thrilled to hear about the baby.thrilled (that) I’m absolutely thrilled that you are coming.thrilled about He was thrilled about being asked to play.thrilled to bits/pieces (=very thrilled)see thesaurus at excited, happy
Examples from the Corpus
thrilledYou should go for a visit - my parents would be thrilled.And supporters like Lucy Power, who's taking home a stray from the kennels, are thrilled.How thrilled and grateful we all were that so many people turned out on our behalf.I thought neither of us was thrilled, and Robert looked at his watch.Billy and Brian were thrilled and should never forget it.She was thrilled at the idea of flying to Europe.My mother's thrilled that the new house is so close to the park.I felt thrilled to be back in Abyssinia and stared entranced at the arid landscape of the Danakil desert.I'm thrilled to be here tonight.He says he's thrilled to be working full-time again.We were thrilled to bits when our daughter appeared on TV.Paul is thrilled to death that I'm finally learning to cook.She was thrilled to have her picture taken with Mel Gibson.We're thrilled to have it.Keith, a general operator at Associated Octel's plant in Ellesmere Port, is thrilled to see his brother back home.She seemed thrilled when I told her.Chester's absolutely thrilled with his baby daughter.Louise is thrilled with the changes she has seen in her son's behavior.thrilled to bits/piecesI thought he'd be thrilled to bits.I mean, you must be thrilled to pieces, no?
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