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thrillerthrill‧er /ˈθrɪlə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  AMALa book or film that tells an exciting story about murder or crimesee thesaurus at movie
Examples from the Corpus
thrillerThe Cowboys handed the Denver Broncos their first home defeat of the season in a 31-27 thriller.It is most definitely a thriller, but with strong romantic undertones.Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal team up in a thriller about a hijacked plane.They discovered a mutual love of mysteries and thrillers.His latest work is a legal thriller set in Boston.Some are more thriller than romance.A police thriller with a difference.'Psycho' is Hitchcock's greatest psychological thriller.Stephen King's new psychological thrillerIt was a virtual-reality thriller just perfect for computer geeks, whose numbers have probably increased tenfold since the hourlong drama crashed.Francis retired from racing but has built a new career as a best selling thriller writer.'Bullet to Beijing', a spy thriller, starring Michael Caine and Michael GambonHe has written a spy thriller that recalls Fleming's James Bond series.Sally Fields' fighting-mom persona is dragged through the first stupid thriller of 1996.
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