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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrillingthril‧ling /ˈθrɪlɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective  EXCITEDinteresting and exciting a thrilling 3–2 victorysee thesaurus at excitingthrillingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
thrillingThe helicopter trip over the mountains was a thrilling end to a fantastic holiday.a thrilling end to the storyHowever, the orchestra gave a vigorous account of the work with a truly thrilling end.It is always a thrilling experience to make the journey with face pressed against the carriage window.It's not a thrilling task but is easy and only takes minutes.Ruby Tiger had looked on the point of collapse after her thrilling victory but quickly recovered.In a thrilling victory over Arizona, Bailey scored four straight points.But a fine 61 from Martin Jones steered the home side to a thrilling win.
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