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throatthroat /θrəʊt $ θroʊt/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 body.jpg HBHthe passage from the back of your mouth to the top of the tubes that go down to your lungs and stomach The singer complained of a sore throat after Wednesday’s show.2 HBHthe front of your neck She fingered the pearls at her throat.3 clear your throat4 force/ram/shove something down somebody’s throat5 be at each other’s throats6 cut your own throat a lump in/to somebody’s throat at lump1(4), → have a frog in your throat at frog(2), → jump down somebody’s throat at jump1(13), → stick in somebody’s throat at stick1(12)
Examples from the Corpus
throatMiriam cowered in terror, her hand up to her throat.She held it with one hand while the other went to her throat, as Nellie's face appeared at the door.He became vast and covered me, covered my face, his hideous throat working.Williams cleared his throat, made a few introductory remarks about the occasion.I opened my mouth and felt the scalds on the mucous membrane inside my throat.The attacker grabbed Siegel by the throat and refused to let go.The sedative effects of alcohol cause the throat muscle to relax too much and also interfere with the involuntary awakening mechanisms.Their throats had been punctured and their blood drained.Does your throat hurt?sore throatYou may also have a dry irritating cough, a sore throat and a runny, itchy nose.He swallowed, checking for a sore throat, his ears.Performances had to be canceled when she had a sore throat.If you have a sore throat, are you blocking communication?He was 15 and had gone to the doctor with a sore throat.This remedy may come up after a Belladonna sore throat has gone down on the chest.If you've got a cold or sore throat, they can advise which over-the-counter medicines to take.Severe sore throats persisting more than a day or two in a young child without signs of improvement.