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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthroatythroat‧y /ˈθrəʊti $ ˈθroʊ-/ adjective  LOW SOUND OR VOICEa throaty laugh, cough, voice etc sounds low and roughthroatily adverbthroatiness noun [countable, uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
throatyThe crickets sing on, their throaty croaking rising and falling a pitch or two, as the evening passes into night.She always spoke with a throaty German accent.But instead of the tinny rippling of coils, San Franciscans heard the throaty roar of rock.Each indrawn breath was a little throaty snore.Then I hear a soft, throaty sound from his bed, like the chuckle of a horse.Instead, I laugh, a throaty, superior laugh.Julie had a throaty voice that made her sound older than she was."Be quiet, " she said in a throaty voice.
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