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through and through

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrough and throughthrough and throughCOMPLETELYif someone is a particular type of person through and through, they are completely that type of person I’ll say one thing for Sandra – she’s a professional through and through. through
Examples from the Corpus
through and throughAfter 30 years in Queensland, he felt he was an Australian through and through.She might be on the stage, but she was a lady through and through.The idea warmed her through and through.Weeping with merriment, gleeful through and through, she never relaxed her grip.Don't trust him. He's rotten through and through.Einstein was a realist through and through.Lofgren is a politician through and through.But the world of the women is real through and through, and so are their appendages.Dad was a rationalist through and through.Einstein, of course, was a realist through and through.I had always been a mischief-maker through and through, in full command of my impulses and desires.Marilyn and Dan Quayle are Indiana, through and through.