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throw a fit/tantrum

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow a fit/tantrumthrow a fit/tantrumANGRYto react in a very angry way I can’t tell my parents – they’d throw a fit! throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw a fit/tantrumBut she could not go home, given how she felt; fit to throw a tantrum.You will not scream and throw a tantrum.If you have children, you may have experienced them coming home from school and immediately throwing a tantrum in front of you.He could throw a tantrum or a punch.Rogers threw a fit when he didn't get the sales account.He threw a tantrum when she complained he should have treated her earlier.Hannah cried furiously and frequently threw tantrums when she had to put them on in the morning.Try to avoid surprises and avoid throwing a tantrum yourself.
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