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throw a light/shadow

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow a light/shadowthrow a light/shadowSENDDARKto make light or shadow fall on a particular place The trees threw long, dark shadows across the cornfield. throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw a light/shadowBut the flames were growing higher, throwing light, casting dancing shadows.The role of premises is to throw light on a subject; the role of evidences is to give weight to it.Geographical comparison of patterns of lawbreaking sometimes throws light on more general differences in social and economic conditions.Fossils do throw light on the history of the lateral line and tail.He uses relativity to throw light on time and eternity, and indeterminacy to comment on free will.Where once they flew in such flocks that they threw shadows over the earth, they now survive in a few straggling colonies.Begin from a fighting stance, perhaps by throwing a light snap punch into the opponent's face from the front hand.Understanding the nature and activities of such organisations helped throw light upon issues of town identity and representation.
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