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throw a party

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow a partythrow a partyPARTYto organize a party and invite people throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw a partyOne evening, after the hospital was closed, the nurses threw a party.Earlier this year they threw a party and got their mates round to sample the goods.She threw parties and invited gossip columnists.As Bruce Willis discovered the night he threw a party and the police turned up.The staff and patients threw a going-away party for Dr Rogers.The Krugers threw an impromptu cocktail party for him in the backyard.They threw a party for me in the Tiger Hotel in uptown Columbia.Traditionally for some, that means throwing a party on the Feast of Candelaria, Feb. 2.Can we throw a party or what?The German club is throwing a party this Friday night.He threw a huge party to celebrate making his first million dollars.AT&T is going to throw a party to end all parties at Uniforum next month.
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