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throw a punch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow a punchthrow a punchHITto try to hit someone with your hand in a fight We need to sort this out before people start throwing punches. throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw a punchPascoe threw a punch and missed, then threw another and felt the connection travel to the point of his elbow.I saw men in red shirts throwing punches at an old man.Hull were reduced to 12 men on the hour when Mark Jones was sent off for throwing a punch at Gary Tees.Rogers threw a punch at Martin.I began to imagine throwing punches at the Bashers.Every time he throws a punch, he moves his face.Foreman, once the World Heavyweight Champion, says 'I never throw a punch in anger.'I began throwing punches whenever I thought no one was looking.He elbowed the Saracens number 8, Barry Crawley, who in turn, threw a punch which floored the Gloucester man.This means that even if the opponent throws a punch, you will have drawn back and out of range.
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