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throw/shed/cast light on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow/shed/cast light on somethingthrow/shed/cast light on somethingEXPLAINto provide new information that makes a difficult subject or problem easier to understand Melanie was able to shed some light on the situation. These discoveries may throw new light on the origins of the universe. light
Examples from the Corpus
throw/shed/cast light on somethingA fretful wind was not enough to open them and shed light on the ruptured earth in which they lay.Newly found Aztec artifacts may shed some light on their mysterious culture.This may shed light on Soviet views of such zones.An analysis of the results should shed light on the workings of the Northern Ireland labour market.Geographical comparison of patterns of lawbreaking sometimes throws light on more general differences in social and economic conditions.Therefore they shed light on the comparative institutional questions with which we are concerned.Owing to the small sample size, the results can only be expected to shed light on the trends.In addition, the research is expected to shed light on the social consequences of cities' changing economic roles.He uses relativity to throw light on time and eternity, and indeterminacy to comment on free will.
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