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throw somebody a look/glance/smile etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow somebody a look/glance/smile etcthrow somebody a look/glance/smile etcLOOK ATto quickly look at someone with a particular expression that shows how you are feeling He threw Anna a big smile. He threw a glance at Connor. throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw somebody a look/glance/smile etcAnd that made Hanson throw a mean look.The nurse was aware of her humiliation and kept throwing sympathetic glances.I gasped at her beauty and, like the rest, threw envious glances at her most fortunate husband.He ignored her and threw a hard look at me: I better not tell.Mark, too, could be thrown a second glance every now and then.Ezra threw Morrill a look of utter disbelief and shook his head.He sensed more than heard the scuffle of trainer shoes on concrete behind him and threw a casual glance over his shoulder.He dropped his hand, he threw a look right, then left.
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