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throw somebody in/into prison/jail

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow somebody in/into prison/jailthrow somebody in/into prison/jailKEEP somebody IN A PLACEto put someone in prison Anyone who opposes the regime is thrown in jail. throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw somebody in/into prison/jailDiem threw them all into jail.Gabriel had broken his apprentice's bond and no one had hanged him or flogged him or thrown him into prison.She had heard the cops on Plenty didn't even bother throwing you in jail.They throw a baby into prison.What is more, if people resort to blackmail and other threats, why not throw them into jail?She was going to hit him, even if they threw her in jail again.Her father threw her into prison for her treachery to him.Leyland fired one off the bar, and the police threw him in jail overnight.
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