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throw somebody/something into confusion/chaos/disarray etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthrow somebody/something into confusion/chaos/disarray etcthrow somebody/something into confusion/chaos/disarray etcCONFUSEDto make people feel very confused and not certain about what they should do Everyone was thrown into confusion by this news. The transport industry has been thrown into chaos by the strike. throw
Examples from the Corpus
throw somebody/something into confusion/chaos/disarray etcBut a Cup replay would throw those plans into disarray.He briefly dissolved Congress in 1992 to successfully fight two guerrilla insurgencies that had thrown the country into chaos.However, the death of Vial shortly afterwards threw everything into confusion.Instead, it was going directly across their path, which threw them into confusion.It was their starting-point that was often illogical or arbitrary and threw the listener into confusion.Now the ruling, which could open the way for new prosecutions, has thrown the issue into chaos.Since the middle of the 1870s a world monetary depression had thrown trade into confusion.Advancing on a narrow front, the bristling schiltrons threw their opponents into confusion on such unfamiliar, unstable ground.
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